Reading and Signing at the Williams Book Store


On June 8th I had the wonderful opportunity to kick off the book’s launch with a reading and signing at the Williams College Bookstore—a nostalgic place not just because I went to Williams, but also because I worked at the bookstore for a summer, so I know the owner quite well!

The space is new and is set up ideally for readings and discussions, and I was quite pleased when we got a full turnout. So many friends showed up and bought copies to be signed, even people in the town I hadn’t necessarily expected to be interested. It was great to feel supported and to get the book out there. I truly hope everyone who bought a copy enjoys the ride.

I don’t have any more readings lined up at the moment, but I’d love to do more events like this in the future. I get a kick out of doing dramatic readings—it’s been a favorite activity ever since I was a kid!

Dalena Stormwriting