Excerpt from "This Is What I Mean by Magic"

this is what i mean by magic click.jpg

This is not a story about magic—although of course it is, as you can tell by the title—but to better explain what I mean, I must first tell you what magic is not. 

Magic is not magician hats or sparkles of light springing forth from a wand. It is not rabbits turning into pigs—or not exactly, not like you might think. It is not the history of the term “magic,” which we might trace through the ages and think about how people have described magic to themselves and how it affected societal interactions and resulted in witch trials and Halloween and Santa Claus. I am not attempting to describe some imaginary silly business at which you are not allowed to look too closely lest you see the stage magician’s sleight of hand. This is a magic you must look at very closely, with full attention. You must not let a single glimmer of it escape. And eventually, when you are ready, it will appear.


* * *